Personal Training

Professional Personal Training in Mayfield Village

Tailored Training From Fitness Experts

At Health 360, we’re making personal training personal again. Our innovative personal training sessions are 100% tailored to every client’s individual needs, and we’ll match you with an experienced trainer based on your unique personality, health coaching needs, and more.

We know that fitness can be complicated. That’s why we take an education-based approach to personal training. All of our fitness staff have bachelors and masters degrees from accredited programs in the fields of Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, Human Physiology, and Exercise Science, so you can rest assured you’re working with a trained professional.

When you know exactly what your body is capable of, you can set realistic goals. From day one, we’ll help you develop the mindset you need to drive real results.

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Health 360 Group Barbell Gym
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Find Your Fit With Personalized Training Programs

How It Works

All of our personal training programs start with a complimentary 10-point data-driven and scientifically backed health assessment. During your 360-Fit session, we’ll benchmark your current fitness levels so you can measure your progress later on. It’s basically a more accurate “before-and-after” picture of your health.